DMP on lift

DMP on lift

Monday, November 29, 2010

Love this Benjamin Moore Aura product!

Hello Everybody!

We are excited about one of Benjamin Moore's newest product lines, Aura.

Dutch Masters Painting, Inc. was the first paint contractor in metro Atlanta to use the Aura products when they were introduced about 2 years ago. Woo hoo!

Why are we so excited?
1. Aura is a low, VOC paint which means in laymen's terms, it doesn't smell bad and is an environmentally, friendly "green" paint.
2. Aura is self priming which means you can put the first coat over bare walls, ceilings or an old paint finish.
3. Many paint applications use one coat of Aura for an excellent coverage, and it is EXTREMELY easy to touch up (the ladies and office managers really like this!).
4. It comes in matte, eggshell, satin and semigloss which gives clients a full selection of finishes.
5. All Aura finishes come in the full spectrum of the Benjamin Moore color palette.

All the above points have been a great benefit for our clients the past two years, because it takes less time for us to complete the job, thus passing on a cost savings. Plus, quite frankly, clients like the no smell and quick drying time with office tenants, kids, husbands and pets running around the office/home and "not" bumping into wet paint!

With the holidays here, this paint is great for quickly sprucing up your home or office....or even for kicking off the New Year with a clean, new look.

Try it out; call Harry on his cell (678-468-8827) and get a free estimate. Plus, once you book your job, we will give you a free color consultation and paint samples on your surfaces (that are larger than a postage stamp!), so you can really see how the color looks in different lighting throughout the day. These paint samples really help cut the frustration and indecision with color selection.

Oh, and a teaser for our next blog.....we will show you some photos of Harry's newest Lego creation using over 300,000 Lego pieces and minifigures featured in a giant, city landscape. Plus, we'll give some dates and locations to where you can view it with your family and friends. Stay tuned; it's fantastic!