DMP on lift

DMP on lift

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Lego Display can be seen at Honda Carland now!

It's up! We're talking about 300,000 lego pieces, 700 minifigures and over 500 hours of lego-sweat time into creating this giant cityscape.

Check out this YouTube video of the Lego display:

For more nitty, gritty information on location, maps, etc., open this link:

Kids love to do the scavenger hunt to find Santa on his sled, Aladdin on his Magic Carpet, The Lost Treasure, etc.

For all of us watching our money, this is a great bang for your buck's free! :-)

Come check it's open at Honda Carland in Roswell, Georgia from December 12 - January 2, 2011.